Welcome To WSCs Exam Crash Courses

As Canada’s premiere CRSP and CRST exam preparation training service, our mission is to help create an incident and injury-free workplace through training, consultation, and awareness. Our CRSP and CRST Exam Crash Courses provide an up-to-date and extensive overview of the key competencies covered in the certification exams as laid out by the BCRSP governing body.

Our Commitment

Our purpose and commitment are to create an incident and injury-free workplace through education, research, and consultation. This course aims to provide an up-to-date and thorough understanding of a Canadian Registered Safety Professional and Technician’s responsibilities for candidates to confidently and successfully pass their examinations.

Importance of OHS Professionals in the Workplace

Through years of combined experience, our team at WSC has come to appreciate how critical the role of occupational health and safety is in maintaining the integrity of the workplace and the well-being of all parties involved. OHS professionals are the key stakeholders who carry out the processes needed to fulfill on creating a functional and safe workplace. CRSPs are responsible for optimizing efficiency and productivity by reducing workplace hazards; while CRSTs conduct a support function to implement health and safety programs.

Our Training Framework

Our education philosophy centers around preparing safety professionals to not only pass their examination the first time through, but to also have the necessary knowledge to fulfill their duties as an OHS professional in any field.

Based on our experience, as the occupational health and safety field is rather broad and candidates come from varying academic and professional backgrounds, there are large knowledge gaps between industries and specializations. We have designed our curriculum to address this issue by detailing the specific content that is integral to the function of a CRSP and CRST in the lecture videos, and testing more specialized subject matter relating to each competency in each section's multiple choice questions.

This way, CRSP and CRST candidates are well versed and prepared on the core competency materials which are certain to come up the exam, while also having the necessary exposure to subject matter that is important to know as a certificant. For additional support, our team also provides one-on-one online zoom sessions to work through more difficult materials and guide candidates in the right direction. Our courses also include a sample final exam similar in difficulty and scope to what candidates should expect to see when they write the official CRSP or CRST examination. ide this solution.

Meet The Instructor

Dr. Mohammad Abdoli

Dr. Mohammad Abdoli has been working professionally both in academia and in industry, teaching and consulting in the field of OHS for more than 30 years. He received his Bachelors Degree in Occupational Health and Safety and his Masters Degree in Industrial Hygiene from the University of Tehran, before pursuing his PhD in Occupational Biomechanics and Ergonomics at Queen’s University. From there he joined Ryerson University’s School of Occupational and Public Health as a Professor. He has also completed his CCPE, CIH, and CRSP certifications. He is the founder and president of WSC Work Safety Consultants Inc. and has created this online program.